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    Craig opens the show with his review and comment on Tech that made news. This week he discusses Marijuana vending machines and Microsoft Office 365 personal.

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    John Roswech the Chief Revenue Officer at HookLogic joins Craig to discuss E-commerce Media and Integrated Incentive Solutions. They help companies understand what’s happening in online retail, specifically how brands compete against each other online as well as
    how an online vendor can differentiate itself from the competition.

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    Paul DePond the VP of Business Development at GLOBO joins Craig to discuss securing corporate data and assuring that it is always within the control of the organization. In order to secure their data companies may need to enforcing app control, whitelist/blacklist, timeā€based policies, compliance management, etc., Have the ability to locate, wipe, or lock a device if it is lost or stolen as well as provide their mobile users ways to continue to complete workflows anytime, anywhere by increasing collaboration and productivity thru streamlined secure mobile processes.

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    Eric Giler the CEO of WiTricity joins Craig to discuss highly resonant wireless power transfer technologies. The WiTricity Charging System for the iPhone 5/5s is our first commercially available product and serves as a reference design for companies looking to implement mobile charging without cords.

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    Craig discusses Tech that made news this week. He discusses how often automated systems fail, this is especially true when it comes to variety of content. This week it was Google who based on a copyright claim from Sony Pictures took down the Blender Foundation movie “Sintel off YouTube.

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