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    Bradley Whitchurch the Chairman and CEO at Seal Shield joins Craig to discuss Seal Shield products and how they mitigate risk by preventing hospital acquired infections and save lives. The Company produces waterproof, antimicrobial input devices for healthcare and other global markets. Seal Shield’s primary products include washable, antimicrobial keyboards, mice and TV remote controls.

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    Mark Cornett the Chief Operating Officer at NexID joins Craig to discuss detection software that enables fingerprint‑scanning technologies to authenticate scanned images with high degrees of accuracy and confidence by mitigating spoof‑related risks. NexID offers a liveness “spoof‑proof” software solution that offers enhanced security for devices from being hacked using a variety of measures to fool the fingerprint authentication embedded in a device.

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    Vincent Berk the CEO at FlowTraq joins Craig to discuss FlowTraq. FlowTraq is network security software that uses full-fidelity network flow records to provide unified security, monitoring, and forensics. Its behavioral analytics and alerting helps IT administrators identify and investigate data leaks, compromises, spammers, botnets, worms, and DDoS attacks in high-volume networks. FlowTraq monitors network performance and
    bandwidth consumption, catalogs applications in use, and detects problematic changes in network activity.

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    JD Sherry the VP of Technology Solutions at TrendMicro joins Craig to discuss security solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. Trend Micro solutions protect end users, secure today’s evolving data center, and protect against sophisticated targeted attacks. We deliver top-ranked client, server and cloud-based protection that fits our customers’ and partners’ needs, stops new threats faster, and protects data in physical, virtual and cloud environments. No matter what the security need, or how it may evolve over time, Trend Micro is the smart security choice,

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    Michael J. Kelly the CEO at On Call International joins Craig to discuss time- and money-saving services for leisure and business travelers, anywhere in the world, 24/7, 365 days a year. On Call International is an industry leader in the medical and travel assistance field, providing travelers with emergency protection and services when they are away from home. On Call offers customized medical, security, travel, concierge and insurance products to more than 10 million travelers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    Our experienced, multi-lingual team of Assistance Coordinators specializes in delivering life-determining assistance during medical emergencies anywhere in the world as well as coordination of transportation home after accidents or illnesses.
    As the U.S. affiliate of International Assistance Group, the largest network of medical assistance providers world-wide, On Call International is uniquely suited to partner with both corporations and individuals to tailor travel assistance programs that satisfy today’s unique travel demands and deliver remarkable service.

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