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Pervaiz Lodhie the CEO at LEDtronics, Inc. joins Craig to discuss innovative LED lamps. LEDtronics has been the leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED bulbs and LED lamps as direct replace to incandescent bulbs. We satisfy our customers by delivering LED lighting solutions and products of consistently high quality. Our rugged LED’s last 100,000 hours, over ten years, which greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs because LEDs are virtually immune to shock and vibration. Our LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity (LED lamps use 80% to 90% less energy then the incandescent lamps they replace) necessary to light an incandescent bulb; they significantly reduce power consumption to help achieve energy conservation goals. LED bulbs also remain cool so there is no excessive heat buildup, which can influence building air conditioning costs.

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Harold Baldwin from Secure Care discusses with Craig how they have become a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of electronic monitoring equipment for the healthcare and access control industries. They began by addressing the long term and critical care needs of nursing homes, hospitals and a variety of health care facilities throughout the world. Then they promoted the concept of using radio frequency (RF) electronic security systems to provide restraint-free, wandering resident supervision as well as infant security for nurses and health care staff.

Today, the company offers a complete line of access control and monitoring systems targeted for assisted living, acute care, sub-acute care and long term care facilities.

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Technology that has affected your life there have been Improvements in every area.

New Technology that won the “Best of What’s New Award” is called Blastwrap by Blastguard. Kevin Sharpe joins Craig to discuss this revolutionary product.

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