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    Craig opens the show with his review and comment on Tech that made news. This week he discusses Apple profits, Apple after Steve Jobs and the Risks associated with Talking Cars.

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    Donald J. Evans the CEO at AvJet Biotech joins Craig to discuss how the production of fuel will change remarkably in the future as more countries shift towards the use of a sustainable fuel. Algae is going to become a much more common fuel source as other sources such as corn, soybeans and sugar cane will continue to be marked as materials that must be used for food and not fuel.
    So what does this mean for our Military — the US will be able to be much more independent and less reliant on foreign sources for oil as our demand will continue to increase. Increased domestic production of petroleum and greatly increased use of biofuels will support the military’s goal of independence from foreign oil.

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    William O’brien the CEO and Founder of Sabertec joins Craig to discuss how they are solving environmental challenges through technology, education and the inspiration of behavioral change. Blade was developed utilizing Sabertec’s patent-pending impact filtration method, which is the core technology in their IDPF product. IDPF has been reducing toxic diesel particulate matter emissions. It easily attaches to the tailpipe of a car to reduce CO2 emissions and toxic particulate matter – a type of pollution that includes dust, soot, and tiny bits of solid materials suspended in the air. It meets and exceeds the EPA 511 guidelines for an increase in fuel economy.   

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    John Giliberti from Giliberti joins Craig to discuss Giliberti’’s mission to develop, design and manufacture efficient, affordable, and reliable electrically powered utility vehicles to meet our customers needs. Giliberti continues to be on the cutting edge by finding new opportunities to design and develop products to meet niche market needs. They build mini ambulances for production plants. These mini units are used in a crowded areas and can get into places that a full size unit can not operate. For the airline industry we build Push back tractors belt loaders and High lifts all on our electric and Hybrid chassis. The future looks bright for us in 2009 when we will have the ability to replace the F550 and International trucks with our new larger units which will be for operations that do not travel over 50 mph such as small towns island operations and port operations.


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    Jeff Naber an Associate Professor at Michigan Technological University joins Craig to discuss the future of flex fuel hybrids, biofuels and why CAFE and EPA standards are causing many challenges to US automakers.

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