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Web URL: http://www.coursehero.com/ and Web URL: http://www.internet2.edu

Andrew Grauer the CEO at CourseHero joins Craig to discuss online study resources that supplement college courses and help students learn more effectively. Course Hero is an online platform providing educational resources that make the learning process more efficient and effective. Course Hero’s mission is to leverage technology to improve the learning experience. Currently, Course Hero provides 40 free, crowdsourced and curated courses in Entrepreneurship, Business and Web Programming in addition to a Course Creation Platform that enables subject matter experts in any field (whether they’re teachers, students or passionate individuals) to easily create a course and share it with the world. These features, in conjunction with a host of study tools, all have the ultimate goal of giving students an accelerated edge in the real world with new skills and learnings. Immediately following this interview Craig is joined by Greg Jackson the VP at EduCause. They will discuss eTexts. EDUCAUSE and Internet2 are piloting technologies and business models in the fast evolving migration from traditional text books to electronic content. For the fall 2012 term, a pilot is being conducted in partnership with McGraw-Hill Education and Courseload, through which more than 25 colleges and universities will provide etexts to their students. Replaces individual purchases by students with site licenses negotiated and funded by campuses; Substitutes paper textbooks owned by students with electronic materials licensed for use in specific classes; and uses an e-reader not associated with a specific publisher.

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