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Kristen Levine the President and Founder of Fetching Commications and spokesperson for Comcast joins Craig to discuss caring for your pets with today’s technology. From GPS trackers and automatic water feeders to mobile apps and  XFINITY Home, there are many high-tech tools that you can use to keep your pets safe and sound when you are away from home. Comcast’s security, home control and energy management solution. With it, pet parents can remotely manage their pets’ wellbeing. You can set it to send you a text message when your door opens, so that you know when your dog walker arrives, or how long he or she stays. (How great is that?) You can also use your computer, tablet or smartphone to keep an eye on your pet via live streaming video, so you know if your new puppy is up to no good, or if your cat has enough food in the dish. And, if the day is colder than expected, or if you have to stay at work later than you thought, you can adjust the temperature and lighting as needed. 

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