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Christie Alderman the VP of New Products and Services at Chubb Personal Insurance joins Craig to discuss ID Theft and Oversharing.
Chubb has seen a rise in ID fraud cases, where someone can gather enough information about an individual (age and phone number from Facebook, mortgage from public records, name of spouse and children from other sites) to assume that person’s identity and commit fraud, usually in the form of stealing money or making purchases on that person’s behalf. An emerging risk is the rise in lawsuits from people who claim they were libeled online. Chubb policyholders who are victims of ID theft or who have been sued for libel because of an online comment can submit a claim to Chubb. If the claim is valid, Chubb may help pay the costs associated with restoring one’s identity. Chubb may also help to pay legal costs to defend against a lawsuit. In addition, Chubb works with Identity Theft 911 to help its customers recover from identity fraud.

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