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Ben Williams the Manage of Public Relations at AdBlock joins Craig to discuss how to rid the Internet of annoying and intrusive online advertising. Adblock Plus is a community-driven, open source project, that puts users in control by letting them block or filter which ads they want to see. There are currently more than 60 million Adblock Plus users across the world and it has been the most downloaded and the most used extension almost continuously since November 2006. PC World rated Adblock Plus as a top innovation in its 100 Best Products of 2007 list, and in March 2010 the project collected the Linux New Media award for the Best Open Source Firefox Extension. Consumers don’t want obnoxious blinking ads and privacy-squashing ads running amok on their computer screens and mobile phones. We wouldn’t tolerate that in the physical world; why should we accept those types of ads just because they’re digital? Advertisers, ad agencies, and ad publishers all have a responsibility to create ads that are reasonable.
Adblock Plus blocks annoying banner ads and pop-ups on web pages, video ads on YouTube, and ads on Facebook. In addition to blocking the ads themselves, Adblock Plus also blocks advertisers from tracking your browsing habits and lets you be on the Web anonymously. And finally, Adblock Plus can be configured to block domains known to spread malware, therefore protecting your computer against spyware, adware and other threats.

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