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Mark Bell the EVP Operations at Digital Defense joins Craig to discuss managed security risk assessment solutions. Whether your organization is large or small, you may already have vulnerabilities, lurking in the background, ready to pose a significant danger to your organization. Especially as your organization changes or grows, new threats to the security of your information may emerge. These risks and vulnerabilities often go undetected until it’s too late. Failure to assess your computing network and physical environment can lead to data breaches, interruption of services, financial loss and, even worse, irreversible damage to your reputation. In today’s high-risk environment, security awareness training must break through information overload in the workplace. SecureEd™, DDI’s latest high-impact training program, provides clients with a highly engaging, creative approach that facilitates security-minded behavior.

DDI also offers a comprehensive array of assessment solutions, services in addition to Vulnerability Scanning Solutions. And while vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone element of an effective security program, DDI’s security risk assessment solutions provide an additional layer of security through a holistic view of your organization’s security.

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