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Pam Davis the Founder of Quick Couponing joins Craig to discuss a unique training program designed to teach you how to save 50% or more off of your monthly grocery expenses. Pam merged her formal training with my destiny and passion of couponing and create a Training Program that could help others learn the skills of an “extreme couponer” in fraction of the time.

This educational video series is designed to take you from someone who may use coupons or someone who doesn’t and turn you into a strategic shopper who will save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on your grocery bills each year. In just a few short weeks you will also learn the secrets that many extreme couponers’ practice, but with tips to apply then in a practical sense that will help you to save time and money each time you set foot in a grocery store. In additional you will begin to create a personal stockpile, stocking up on the items you use the most for a fraction of the regular price.

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