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http://footvote.com/ and www.infinitescuba.com

Laura Lucas the CEO and Founder of Footvote joins Craig to discuss the Quality and safety standards of American made toys. Consumer spending is about 70% of the U.S. economy and the choices consumers make have power. Footvote was founded on the principal that if we work together to buy Made in USA products every day, we can jump-start the economy and improve the lives of all Americans with respect for other cultures across the globe. Immediately following this interview Craig is joined by Kathie Flood the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cascade Game Foundry. They will discuss Infinite Scuba a downloadable, computer-based video game that gives players ages 8 and up the chance to experience the thrills, mysteries and beauty of the Earth’s oceans. Players do what real divers do –explore dive sites, identify wildlife, take photos, and find artifacts, while learning about history and dive science. 4.“Infinite Scuba enables people to explore the ocean from home, learn about its wonders and be inspired to explore more,” says Kathie Flood, Managing Director and co-founder of Cascade Game Foundry. “This game is Indiana-Jones-meets-Jacques Cousteau: wildly fun, mysterious, and enlightening.

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