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http://www.visibleworld.com/ and http://www.beyondverbal.com/

Claudio Marcus the EVP of Research and Marketing for Visible World joins Craig to discuss a new TV buying system. In essence, Visible World is bringing targeted programmatic buying, such as it is for digital, to TV buyers. And as such, they are bringing together the reach of TV with the benefits of audience targeting that digital platforms provide. Recent research, fielded in partnership with a major cable company, suggests that onā€target TV ads are 70% more effective than overall TV campaign results. Immediately following this interview Dan Emodi the VP Marketing & Strategic Accounts at Beyond Verbal joins Craig to discuss analyzing emotions from your vocal intonations. Beyond Verbal Communication, Ltd. commercializes patented technology that extracts a person’s full set of emotions and character traits, using their raw voice in real-time, as they speak. This ability to extract, decode and measure human moods, attitudes and decision-making profiles introduces a whole new dimension of emotional understanding which we call Emotions Analytics™, transforming the way we interact with machines and with each other. At the end of the day, it’s impossible to detect a person’s true inner feelings and emotions, but with Beyond Verbal our technology stands apart as the only technology capable of providing real-time, full-spectrum emotional analysis from natural, language agnostic, human vocal intonations.

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