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http://modiface.com/ and http://panono.com

Parham Arabi the CEO of Modiface joins Craig to discuss their Anti-Aging Mirror and 3D Augmented Reality Makeup. Modiface simulates what makeup, hair, and accessories would look like on people virtually. People no longer have to try on makeup, be hesitant to have their hair colored, etc. because Modiface simulates virtually what people are going to look like. Immediately following this interview Craig is joined by Jonas Pfeil the President, Co-Founder and Creator of the Panono Camera. Panono isn’t solving a problem as much as introducing a whole new experience. It’s the first camera that captures everything in every direction to deliver fully spherical (360°X360°) 108 megapixel images. Images can be viewed instantly on a mobile device by moving the device up, down and all around as if inside the image. It’s fully immersive. The prototype for Panono in 2011 as part of his master’s thesis in computer engineering at the Technical University of Berlin.

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