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Jon Ham a former olympic athlete and spokesperson for Scosche industries joins Craig to discuss Wearable Technology the RHYTHM SMART + Heart Rate Monitor with Music Control. This product was an Innovations Award Honoree today at the 2014 International CES. The dual mode wireless configuration includes both Bluetooth Smart and ANT + capabilities, allowing it to pair with smartphones, sport watches and exercise equipment from up to 100 ft. away. RHYTHM SMART + is compatible with the most popular fitness apps including RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, Strava and all other apps that support Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors. With the onboard memory users can workout in freeRUN mode without the need to carry their device with them. A smaller footprint, unrivaled biometric data accuracy and compatibility with the most popular health and fitness app available create a complete offering.

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Michael Becker the North American Market Dev and Strategic Advisor for SOMO joins Craig to discuss Somo an independent global mobile marketing and advertising company set up to help businesses take advantage of the emerging mobile advertising market. In 2014 it is important that mobile be seen as an integral part of their overall mix so that consumers have their content when and where they want it across all channels and devices.

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Todd Herion the Operations Manager, North America at OKIDOKEYS joins Craig to discuss smart locks. With OKIDOKEYS, consumers can lock and unlock nearly any deadbolt on any door, using cell phones, smartphones or tags. No more hassle with traditional keys. Users are also in control of who is entering their home via the OKIDOKEYS app and web portal — consumers can give friends, family and service providers easy and safe access to their home anytime, from anywhere.

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Craig gives a detailed description of the heartbleed bug and its effects and the necessary remediation.

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Scott Hassan the Founder & CEO of Suitable Technologies joins Craig to discuss a remote presence device that enriches collaboration and allows anyone to be where they need to be, regardless of their location. Beam connects people and keeps organizational culture alive by empowering spontaneous and independent interaction, whether Beam‑to‑person, or Beam‑to‑Beam.
‑Beam’s intuitive interface and features push the boundaries of remote presence. Features such as screen sharing enable instant and natural collaboration from thousands of miles away. Just roll up to your colleagues and start troubleshooting, review artwork, or give a killer presentation.

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