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David Foley the Co‑Founder and Sr. Technologist at NanoTech Entertainment joins Craig to discuss bandwidth efficient streaming enables content owners to allow customers to stream the data (free or paid) for personal enjoyment while also ensuring digital rights protection. The compact (about the size of a hockey puck) Nuvola unit easily plugs into and works with your 4K UHDTV for flawless entertainment.

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Craig opens the show with his Review and Comment on Tech in the News. This week he will discuss Google Fiber coming to 34 new cities, New net neutrality rules, Google Maps, and the new Iphone credit card case.

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Scott Lorenz the President of Westwind Communications joins Craig to discuss the fact that too many apps not well positioned against their competition and too many developers have wild ideas about their particular app’s potential and why having a Good app is not good enough.

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Justin Choi the CEO at Nativo joins Craig to discuss native ads and why is everyone talking about then now and why these ads are important for publishers and media companies and what it all means for consumers.

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Steve Brumer a Managing Partner at 151 Advisors joins Craig to discuss commercial success in the U.S. mobile market. Having a solid offering is a key component, many companies fail because they lack an understanding of how to formulate a comprehensive market entry plan and Enterprise approaches to securing and managing mobility.

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