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    Brian Kibby the President of McGraw-Hill Higher Education joins Craig to discuss the development of 21st century teaching and learning solutions for postsecondary and higher education markets worldwide. Some of the topics they will discuss are: digital courseware, big data that is being used to analyze student performance, Trends and challenges facing college IT, and Adaptive and other learning technologies.

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    Anant Agarwal the President at EdX joins Craig to discuss getting greater access, affordability and quality in the higher education system. They are working to use open‐source technology to increase access to the world’s best education globally so that anyone, anywhere regardless of income or social status can learn, and improving on‐campus education through blended learning, the most effective learning technologies and ongoing research. edX’s vision to educate 1 billion students worldwide over the next decade and why a global learning community matters to students, institutions and society.

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    Mark Walters the Chairman of the Z-wave alliance joins Craig to discuss how they are making its technology more powerful, more reliable, and more accessible to the end‐user. This year Z‐Wave over IP will bring over 20 Million Z‐Wave devices directly to IPv6 addresses including expanded approvals for Russia, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel as well as New partnerships in security, healthcare and energy.

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    Craig discusses Tech in the News. This week Lavaboom, the free secure e-mail for everyone and the windows phone 8.1 upgrade.

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    Amanda Paul Garnier the marketing manager at Netatmo joins Craig to discuss June, the first bracelet that measures 
sun exposure. JUNE tracks UV intensity in real‑time and the total sun exposure absorbed by the user’s skin throughout the day. Created by French jewelry designer Camille Toupet in the spirit of a diamond with glimmering facets, JUNE comes in three colors: gold, platinum and gunmetal.

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